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We know most people don’t consider obtaining cash advances loans until times of financial difficulty, when they don’t have the time to do the proper research. Don’t let stress cause a bad decision and don’t waste time with other, so called payday advance loans providers, who aren’t licensed and don’t actually make their own lending decisions.

Did you know that many presumed lenders aren’t really lenders, but merely companies that capture your information and then sell it to the actual lender? These so-called providers don’t make any loans themselves and the commissions they earn for getting you to apply to them may be hidden in the higher rates the lender who considers your loan request may charge you. Don’t get disappointed by time delays and broken promises!

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At Instant Cash Advance, we are the lender. We make our own credit decisions … and we do it quickly. We don’t care why you need money. In fact we won’t even ask you. We never perform a credit check, so don’t fret over your credit history.

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