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Getting to Know Brendan Behan Pub Better

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Introducing Brendan Behan Pub

Irish pubs have always been popular meet-up spots among adults. Delicious draft beer, various snacks, and casual music make the local atmosphere really special. Instant Cash Advance saved Brendan Behan Pub as a bright representative of this unique culture. From the very first step into the venue, you will understand that you will have nice time here. The efficient staff welcomes guests all year round. Here you will pay democratic prices. No wonder that a great number of people who visited this spot rated it 4.7 on Facebook.

Brendan Behan Pub’s Website

To get to know Brendan Behan Pub, you should check its website. This is where you can find all the relevant information about the facility, including its services, prices, and contacts. Let’s have a brief look at the offered sections.


In 1988, Brendan Behan Pub opened its doors to visitors for the first time. It was named after Brendan Behan, an Irish writer. Being more than an Irish pub, Brendan Behan Pub is a unique facility where traditional and modern features get merged. This is why adults of different ages and social statuses will enjoy spending their time here. No wonder that Brendan Behan Pub was named crowned as the Best Irish Bar in Boston four times. It was even used on the set of the film "Patriot Games" and the series "Dot Ave". More information about this popular meet-up point can be found on the “About” section.


People love Brendan Behan Pub for the variety of drinks offered to visitors. The main party of the menu consists of different sorts of beer. If you think that it’s too boring, it’s not really the case. Just take a quick look at them:

  • Fun things (Sweety Batty, Apple Ginger, Crypt Keeper, and some other weird stuff);
  • Draft Beer (Stouts, ales, largers, and cider);
  • Cans (Carlsperg, Mama’s Lilyella Pils, and Sixpoint Crisp);
  • Bottles (Miller High Life, Red Stripe, and Rolling Rock).

As you can see, the variety of options is impressive enough. Each time you visit the place, you will have an opportunity to try something new, especially with online cash advance. The entire menu can be checked out in the “Beverages” section.


An Irish pub or any other facility of this kind can’t survive without proper entertainment. Brendan Behan Pub doesn’t make an exception here. The concert program is developed many weeks in advance. So, you can always check the upcoming events in the “Events” section or on the Facebook page. For example, it can be a live concert of rock or classical music. Sometimes, they have conceptual events like Trivia Night, Poetry Night, or Live Irish Music. Make sure to follow the recent updates not to miss some amazing time spending offers.


Do you need to make a reservation at Brendan Behan Pub? No, you don’t. But if you have some questions related to their location, menu, or night events, you can always get in touch with local staff. In the “Contact” section, you will find an online form where you can write your question. As long as they get it, they will send you a written response to your email box. Alternatively, you can find a phone number on the web for fast inquiries.

If you have just $30 in your pocket, you will able to have nice time at Brendan Behan Pub. Before you visit the venue, make sure to check the local service on the official website.