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Direct Lender Payday Loans Online

Today, people are not scared of direct lenders like InstantCashAdvance. Even though personal loans remain risky affairs, they are viewed as popular solutions to financial problems. Thus, private and corporate customers refer to direct lenders with no third party to borrow some money for a certain period of time. It is easy, fast, and convenient.

If your poor credit history makes you doubt your eligibility for this type of service, you are wrong. In the private funding sector, there is something for everyone suffering from financial despair.

What is a direct lender?

💲 Max Amount Depends on the State
✍🏼 Type Payday Loans
👌 Bad Credit Accepted
💳 Direct deposit Available
💰 Alternatives

A direct loan is an amount of money taken out from a direct lender by a private borrower. Direct lenders can be represented by the government, banks, and other financial institutions. In most cases, these are private funding companies that fund your loan under certain terms and conditions. Reputable online direct lenders have to act in accordance with both state and federal laws. Thus, they have to comply with all the lending rules and regulations determined by each specific state they are located in.

Direct lenders for bad credit holders have already become a popular trend in the funding market. They come with fixed interest rates and income-based repayment plans that are suitable for people with different budgets.

Amounts available to borrow from direct lenders

The minimum and maximum sum of money to borrow depend on direct lenders for bad credit holders and the state they operate in. Most funding services offer loans ranging from $100 to $10,000, although there can be some differences. Meanwhile, each US state has its own policies regarding direct lender loans. In California, funding services can’t lend more than $300. In Idaho, the maximum limit is estimated at $1,000. In Arizona and Maine, funding services are prohibited at all.

Direct lenders and bad credit borrowers

Direct payday loan lenders do help borrowers with good and bad credit backgrounds. Their decision usually depends on many factors – credit rating, current source of income, employment status, and so on.

Are there no credit check for direct lender loans

Direct lender payday loans still require a credit check, although it doesn’t go deep into detail. Depending on the requested type of loan and the funder’s policies, the credit check can be soft. This means that your financial background will be considered for a general understanding of your candidacy. It won’t play a final role in the funder’s final decision.

Do the direct lenders provide guaranteed approval loans

Direct loan lenders like "Instant Cash Advance" can’t provide you with guaranteed approval even if they want. Every application and every candidate is viewed separately. The final decision depends on multiple factors, including a type of borrowing, a credit reputation, a potential APR, etc. Direct lenders online are known for “soft” credit checks and less intense analyses of received cash advance applications. Nevertheless, they can’t act putting all potential risks aside.

2nd chance loans from direct online lenders

Unexpected events can hardly be predicted. They often bring financial problems that need to be resolved in the nearest time. This is where direct online lenders with their 2d chance loans can be of great value. This type of borrowing reminds of other short-term funds issued by direct payday lenders. They are offered along with lower fees and issued on the same day.

To benefit from these funds, you only need to provide a few personal and financial details, including your valid email address and home address. Then, get a fast decision. With 2nd chance loans you can get the money much faster and easier than a storefront funding operator.

Types of direct lender loans

When you decide to borrow some money for personal needs, you will refer to the best direct online lenders for bad credit holders. You will have several options at your disposal.

Installment loans

Installment loans are short-term personal funds borrowed from a private funder and paid back in installments within clearly-stated timeframes. Compared to traditional payday loans which need to be paid back by the next payday, installments are more flexible. In the repayment scheme, you will have your debt split into separate payments to be made in 3, 5, or more months. This makes you flexible in your financial capabilities.

Payday loans

An online payday loan is a short term borrowing that can be used to cover emergency expenses. It often serves as the perfect solution to financial problems like car repairs or medical bills. It needs to cover in accordance with the pre-agreed repayment scheme. Safe online payday loans don’t include high interest rates. However, they come up with strict penalties applied upon missed or delayed payments.

Tribal loans

Tribal borrowings are provided by funders belonging to Native American or Indian tribes. The funding companies operate within their tribe's reservation. Tribal borrowing is often promoted as a reasonable alternative to payday loans for people who seek emergency cash.

Advantages of direct lender payday loans

Now that you know how direct lender online loans work, you should learn the benefits they offer to borrowers. Here are some of them:

Personal data security

A reliable direct lender has its website equipped with encryption technology that protects personal and financial data. Also, the company should have an official license issued by the authoritative regulator. If this information is missing, you should consider referring to a different company.

Faster application process

To claim extra funds from a direct lender, you don’t need to do something extraordinary. The application process is based on an online form located on the company’s website. You need to fill it out by specifying some personal and contact information. It won’t take more than 3-5 minutes to do this job.

Quick funding via direct deposit

Once your application is approved, a direct lender sends the requested sum of money immediately. The financial transaction usually takes the form of a direct deposit that lands in your active bank account within a few hours or even a few minutes.

Less meticulous credit history check

To borrow money, you won’t be able to escape a credit check. But you can find a private funder that conducts “soft” checks without getting too deep into your financial background. Your credit rating is one of many factors considered before approving and issuing an available loan.

Might be lower fees and charges

Direct lenders usually charge you less for their services and impose lower fees on delayed or missed repayments. This is possible due to the lack of supplementary costs. Compared to banks and credit unions, private funders try to keep their funding services affordable to more people.

How to apply for a straight loan from direct lender?

Most direct lenders have a similar application procedure for direct lender loans with no credit check. Here are some mandatory steps to be taken:

  • Choose a direct lender. The market of funding services is filled with private and state companies issuing different types of loans. You need to browse the internet to find a worthy option. Instant Cash Advance happens to be a good example. Make sure to read through its policies before starting the registration procedure.
  • Make sure you are fine with the requirements. Every funder has certain conditions that need to be addressed by loan candidates. Before you start filling out an online form, check out your eligibility for this or that loan.
  • Complete an online form. You can provide some personal details, financial papers, and contacts in an online form. If some additional papers are required, you will get a direct notification from the company.
  • Wait for approval. After sending your request to direct payday lenders with no third party, all you can do is to wait for their decision. It may take a few minutes or a little bit longer to hear the result.
  • Get your funds deposited. If you get instant approval, you will see the funds in your bank account within 24 hours. In some cases, it takes a bit more time.


1️⃣ How do I get a loan from a direct lender?

When you decide to borrow some cash from direct lenders, you need to reach an agreement with clearly-stated policies. Thus, you apply for extra funds online, wait for a confirmation, get the requested funds to your account, and pay everything back by due date.

2️⃣ Are direct lenders better?

Direct lenders often deliver a wider range of borrowings you could qualify for. This gives you more options when it comes to making a big purchase or covering some emergency needs. They offer certain benefits that can hardly be denied.

3️⃣ How do I apply for a direct loan?

Direct loans let you get the money you need here and now for whatever purposes. To send an application, you will need to fill out an online form with personal details, attach additional documents such as your checking account and proof of income, and wait for an official response. Once you get a confirmation, you can get the requested sum of money deposited into your bank account shortly.

4️⃣ How can I get a direct loan with bad credit?

Regardless of your credit score, the process of claiming a direct loan is going to be the same. You find a funding company online, complete registration, fill out an online application form, attach the required documents if needed, and wait for the company’s approval. If all is fine, you will get your money within one business day.

5️⃣ Are there any direct payday lenders online?

Yes, there are. More than 50,000 direct funders are operating in the United States. On the Internet, you can find their websites, compare their offers, and decide on the most suitable option for yourself.