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Get $800 Payday Loans to Cover Emergency Expenses

Experiencing a financial problem? Having $800 missed? Right when it starts turning in the emergency, it’s time to take action.

InstantCashAdvance has a good solution for you – an 800 dollar loan. It is fast and easy to get. It doesn’t involve a complicated application. It also doesn’t require any paperwork, which makes the whole process last a few minutes.

If the idea of borrowing more online sounds interesting, contact us. If you still have some doubts, read through the information below.

How Do 800 Dollar Loans Work?

800 dollar loans are considered to be short-term loans provided by online lenders so that borrowers can get financial support and cover payday expenses. They are usually used to deal with emergencies such as:

  • Payment of utility bills
  • Urgent purchase
  • Medical treatment
  • Car and home repairs
  • Other situations that can’t wait until paycheck.

Private lenders issue 800 dollar loans for the period of 30 days. Some of them allow rollovers when borrowers can’t cover their debt on time. But this usually depends on the corporate policies of each particular company.

If you need $800 urgently, you should avoid borrowing money from a bank or credit union. Getting money from private lenders has more chances of success. Even though you may have to pay a bit more, you will most likely get the necessary loan amount approved. No paperwork. No collateral. No credit check.

Online lenders offer different terms and conditions. The speed of approval may also differ. But they always give you the options to choose from. It’s you who will make the final decision on this or that loan offer.

The best thing about $800 loans from direct lenders is their accessibility. Regardless of your credit background, possible debt, and current income, you can get loan approval. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about your past and present mistakes.

Interest Rates of $800 Loans

Private lenders have different policies. Nevertheless, they have to obey the state law. As a potential borrower, you should read through the terms and conditions before putting your signature under them.

When it comes to $800 loans from direct lenders, you will have to pay a fixed amount of interest rate. The average interest rate happens to be somewhere between $20 and $30 for every $100 borrowed. By doing basic calculations, you will have to pay an APR from $160 to $240 for $800 borrowed. Importantly, this rate is considered to be valid in those situations when the repayment is made on time. Every delay will be followed by penalties, namely an additional fee charged for every month of delay. So, make sure to get a short-term loan only if you can pay it off on time.

Impact of $800 Loans on Credit Score

The very fact of getting an $800 loan doesn’t affect your credit score. The problem may occur if you don’t follow the terms in the loan agreement. For example, if you don’t make full repayment in a timely manner you will have to face penalties. Your lender will start adding a fee to each month of delay. In the end, you may see your loan amount doubling up.

A lender may conduct a credit check to find out your previous credit behaviors. A soft credit check doesn’t affect your credit score. A hard credit check may cause some problems to your credit score. But it can be fixed after timely repayment.

What’s good is that repaying your loan on time may improve your credit score. Please mind that it’s not recommended to use payday loans to take credit scores up. After all, it’s always risky to borrow money from private lenders. So you can worsen your credit reputation unintended. At Instant Cash Advance, we aim to help you with current financial emergencies, not your credit score.

Borrow $800 Loans with Bad Credit

A credit score below 670 is considered to be bad. This doesn’t mean that you can’t apply for lending services. For example, you are still eligible for $800 loans with bad credit online.

The direct lenders associated with InstantCashAdvance offer personal loans to those whose credit history is far from perfect. Without conducting hard credit checks, they pay attention to other factors like an employment status and a stable source of income. In other words, direct lenders are ready to close their eyes to your credit past is they can be assured of your financial capabilities. Having a long-term deposit in the US bank can also be a good guarantee that you will pay everything back.

Timely Repayment of a $800 Loan

Before you borrow an $800 loan, you need to have a full understanding of what you get into. The ability to make full repayment on time is the very first thing to consider. You should have a good source of income that would guarantee your stable financial situation.

Now that you are about to sign the loan agreement, you should read through the terms and conditions. The special attention should be paid to the repayment plan. Is it acceptable for you? Will you be able to follow it step by step? Whether it comes to a one-time payment or a series of payments, you will have to do it by the end of the deadline. Otherwise, you will have to face penalties for every delay.

Don’t forget about the possibility to make an early repayment. Some lenders charge you extra for it, others don’t. This nuance will also be mentioned in the loan agreement.

Get an $800 Loan Safe and Secure from Instant Cash Advance

Getting a fast and easy $800 loan at InstantCashAdvance is a real deal. We work with the most trusted direct lenders in the country. We have access to the best loan offers. So we are happy to share our lending services with you.

Potential borrowers should be eligible for our lending services. Here is the list of eligibility criteria:

  • Driver’s License number or State ID
  • Amount of money you want to borrow ($800 etc.)
  • Loan repayment period
  • Active email address, phone number, and other contact details (if any)
  • Employment status and current income

Application for $800 Loans with InstantCashAdvance

Once we receive your loan application on our website, we review the details and find the most suitable products that would address your needs. Then, you will get an opportunity to compare the provided options in order to make the most accurate choice. Which one looks good to you? Which one is affordable for you? Which one will be paid on time? The answers to these questions will help you make the final choice.

Please mind that we don’t force you to choose one of the available options. If none of them seems right to you, just leave it. You don’t have a borrower obligation unless the loan agreement is signed.

We understand that time is very important for you. In a state of emergency, you need money here and now. Generally, it takes about 24 hours from applying for funding. In some cases, the whole process lasts just a few hours.

We’re determined in our attempts to help as many people as possible. Feel free to find the best lender and the best $800 loan offer on our website. Filling out an online form is all it takes to solve your financial problem, at least, temporarily. Press the “Get Started” button here and now!