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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan offered by is a source of fast financial help, which is provided for the short period of time. It is supposed that a borrower is going to repay a full amount of cash advance plus interest rate on the payday. Each state may have slight differences in loan amount and interest rates. It is recommended to use this short-term loan for the emergency situations.

How much money can you get?

The exact amount of money each customer can be qualified for is determined by the legislation of the state he/she lives in. If you apply for the payday loan for the first time, the final decision of the direct lender will depend on the personal information, which you are going to provide in an application form at the Instant Cash Advance website.

What is the interest rate?

Interest rate is a percentage, which is repaid together with a payday loan. According to the state’s legislation interest rates may differ. There are some states, which don’t approve payday loans practice at all.

How much time is required to get payday advance?

The whole procedure takes place online. It means you don’t need to go out anywhere. Getting payday loan is rather fast as filling in an application form will take you not more than 5 minutes. The provided information is going to be processed by the websites’ managers during 10-15 minutes. After being approved, you will get your cash advance within one business day.

When is it necessary to pay money back?

It is supposed that the short-term loan should be repaid in two weeks when you get your next salary. However, the term may be discussed with the direct lender and agreed to be prolonged. There is also an opportunity to extend or roll-over a loan in case the state’s legislation doesn’t forbid using these options. If a customer wants to repay money before the due date, which was agreed, it is recommended to contact the lender and to discuss this possibility.

How to deal with the situation when you can’t meet the repayment deadline?

In case you have faced some financial problems and realize that you can’t repay your loan on the due date, the best variant is to contact your lender and inform him. If your state allows using roll-over and extension, then there won’t be very difficult to prolong the repayment term by yourself. Remember that any extension is an additional fee. Each customer may enter his or her account and choose an option of roll-over if there is such. In case the state you reside doesn’t allow using the mentioned options, your lender may arrange a new repayment plan.

How safe is your personal information at

Confidentiality of our customers’ personal details is the priority of our website. This means that you shouldn’t worry that your data may be transmitted to any third parties. We send your information to the potential lender only.

Where to get the necessary information concerning getting payday loans online?

You can check out FAQ section at the website. In case you don’t find the information you are interested in, you are always welcome to contact friendly customer support, which works round the clock.