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Short Term Loans Online

Unexpected financial challenges appear in your life when you are not ready for them. In this context, money lending seems to be the only reasonable solution. Funding companies like InstantCashAdvance are able to cover small and large expenses. They are also happy to assist you in a long- and short-term perspective.

If you need extra money for one or several months, you won’t have a problem getting one of the short term loans. Before you succeed with an application, you must stay composed and make a well-thought decision on the affair your go for.

What is a short term loan?

A short-term loan is the cash taken out from the funding company under the short-period obligations. It is a perfect solution to unplanned financial problems that need to be resolved here and now. It can jump from $50 to $50,000. The limits can be established by each particular funder, as well as the state.

A short term debt can be agreed for private and corporate customers. It is also a great option for those who are not eligible for banking support. Being a form of credit, it must be covered by due date.

Major short-term loans characteristics

Short term loan amounts have characteristics that distinguish them from other financial obligations. Before you send your request, learn all details to know what you are going for.

Average term of short term loan

A sum of $300 - $10,000 can be issued for a certain period ranging from one month to several months. The application routine doesn’t involve a soft credit analysis, which doesn’t affect your financial reputation. But you must go through the qualification stage, namely demonstrate your available income, confirm your address, and mention some references. As you can see, you don’t need a positive financial reputation to qualify.

Best for no credit score or bad credit

Short term loans for bad credit or no credit background applicants turn out to be a saving grace. By requesting limited paperwork and soft credit analysis, a funding company is interested in helping everyone.

May be no hard credit check

Short term loans with no credit check are issued in accordance with the applicant’s current financial state. If you are employed or have a deposit in your bank account, you will most likely get the necessary amount of cash. The funding company will take a look at your financial reputation, but it won’t take it as the only valid factor.

Eligibility requirements for online short term loans

To apply for short term loans online, you must qualify for certain criteria. It doesn’t give you guaranteed approval, but it makes your candidacy valid for review. At "Instant Cash Advance", the obligatory eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • Being a U.S citizen or a U.S. resident
  • Being 18 years old or above
  • Having a stable source of income
  • Holding a personal account in the national bank
  • Having an active contact number and a valid email for direct communication

If your rating is really down, you may need to provide some additional documents or fulfill some additional requirements. This is how the funder is letting you demonstrate your cash capabilities.

If you decide to visit the funder’s office, you can find the suitable location in the Near me section. But the requirements for being approved stay unchanged.

Types of short term loans

Before you get small short term loans from direct lenders, take the most eligible format. Each of them has certain peculiarities that might be acceptable or non-acceptable for you.

Personal loans

Getting a short term personal loan has become a popular way to deal with financial problems like a car repair or a tuition fee. Whatever your emergency is, you will be able to handle it with quick money from the online funder. With no back-up and relatively low interest rates, it doesn’t take long to get everything done. Unlike other lending services, a personal borrowing requires a more thorough financial analysis.

Payday loans

Short-term payday loans are instant loans to be taken out by employed citizens. They don’t require in-depth checks and are more tolerant of the bad credit past. But you should be ready for the entire debt amount and interest rate to be paid in one sum upon a pay day. All payments are usually processed by the funder that takes out a particular amount from a personal balance.

Installment loans

Short term installment loans are known for their flexibility. It is quite easy to get. And it is more convenient to pay back. Upon approval, you will have a repayment program to be followed until your debt is covered. Your monthly and annual budget will get less stress.

Lines of credit

A line of credit can be treated as a corporate credit card with a certain limit. Thus, the company can step into the line of credit when it is needed. This kind of borrowing will be paid back through monthly installment payments that depend on the debt size. The major plus here is a relatively low APR.

Merchant cash advances

Despite being a type of cash advance, it functions as a standard borrowing. The funding company provides you with the required sum of money on your bank card. You take an obligation to pay it back in several parts. Also, you make the payments by letting the funder access your financial facility. Each time you buy something, a pre-determined percentage of the total value is taken from you.


Pawnshops are known for issuing collateral-based loans. They give you money that is assumedly equal to the value of something that belongs to you. This can be a watch, a piece of jewelry, a car, or something else. The pawnbroker will keep your item for a clearly stated period of time until you pay everything back. If this doesn’t happen on time, your belonging is taken from you forever.

By the way, pawn shops often play an unfair game. They lend around 25% to 50% of the projected resale value of your item. This is how they protect themselves and earn money at the same time.

How to get short term loans for bad credit

Once you feel like stepping into one of the online short term loans, you will need to go through a classic procedure. You fill out an online form with your money request, wait for a confirmation, and get funding to your personal balance. Depending on the selected type of borrowing, you may need to go through a credit analysis. And this is where your rating does matter.

Reviewing Your FICO Score

Before claiming one of the short-term loans, you should concentrate on your financial documentation. Your FICO rating and other related details must be accurate. Otherwise, a funder may decline your request, explaining it with the errors in the credit report.

Instant Cash Advance will check your financial reputation. Whether it is good or bad, an incorrect credit report won’t increase your chances of getting a positive response.

Generally, you should cover your debts in your official bank account on time to avoid possible mess in the future. This will help you keep your credit score under control and even improve it in a matter of time.

Advantages of Short Term Loans

Now that you are familiar with the best short term loans, it’s good to know their strongest sides. Here are several of them:

Quick approval

Short-term borrowings are usually marked with instant approval. It means that the funder processes your application within the tightest timeframes. In most cases, it takes up to 24 hours to get a response. This is a great advantage for those applicants who find themselves in an emergency situation.

Fast funding

Fast funding comes upon fast approval. Funders usually try to complete the entire application routine within one business day. In other words, it will most likely take one day for you to fill in an online form, wait for a positive response, and get money to your bank account.

Easy application process

A process can be addressed quickly and with ease. There is nothing difficult about it. You just need to finalize an online form on the funder’s website. You will specify your full name, date of birth, email, phone number, and some other personal details requested by the company. Eventually, you will need to get an official response. If it is positive, you will get money asap.


Where to get short term loans?

You can borrow cash for a brief period from private and governmental financial institutions. But their policies are not always convenient, especially for bad credit holders. Luckily, you can find a lot of online lenders that offer funding services. Instant Cash Advance is one of them.

What are the best short term loans?

The best short-term loans can be offered by a well-trusted and well-reputed online funder like Instant Cash Advance. It can provide you with a wide spectrum of services, so you can get the required sum of money under reasonable conditions.

How do short term loans work?

Getting short term loans “near me” or online will make you take the standard steps. You fill out the online form and get money to your personal balance upon a positive response. Within the pre-agreed timeframes, you are obliged to cover the debt. Otherwise, loan fees are imposed.

What are the advantages of short term loans?

You can take the maximum out of a simple and clear online routine, fast confirmation, and quick transfer.

How short term loans can help?

Borrowing money for a brief period of time is perfect for the private and business sectors when a certain financial problem requires an urgent resolution.

How many months are there in short term loans and long term loans?

A short-term loan for bad credit holders is usually issued for a period of up to two years. A long-term loan is intended for a period of up to ten. Depending on the state and the selected funding company, there can be some differences in the terms and conditions.