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Debit Card Instant Payday Loans

Everyone probably faced problems like where to find money to pay the bill for medical treatment or to cover expenses for car repairs. The situation gets even worse when deadlines are expired.

If this sounds interesting to you, instant debit card loans can be a great option to consider. Today, there are lots of funding companies like InstantCashAdvance that provide this kind of service to people with bad and good credit history. Before you rush with an application procedure, make sure to know the details.

What are debit card loans

💰 Loan Amount $200 - $5000
✍🏼 Type Payday Loans
👌 Bad Credit Accepted
💳 Direct deposit Available
💲 Max Amount Depends on the State

Using a debit card is incredibly convenient as it allows you to keep track of transactions. It becomes easier to control your expenses without exceeding the available budget. If you want to boost your debit card balance, you can take out a loan from a private funder 24/7.

Debit card loans are often viewed as cash loans or loans that are provided by cheque. They expect you to make your monthly repayments from your debit card within certain timeframes. What’s good is that debit card loans don’t make you subject to the risk and confusion of holding several credit cards at once.

Debit card loans are probably the easiest emergency funds to get if you look at them through the prism of money management. This is especially the case when they are attached to your salary. The fixed repayments can automatically be taken from your debit card upon a paycheck.

Key features of debit card payday loans

Payday loans with instant funding to debit cards have become a popular choice among borrowers. Let’s see its major features:

Instant funding to debit card

A debit card loan is a type of instant funding where the requested amount of money is deposited directly to your debit card. Once the transaction is completed, you can use it on anything you want. You don’t have to wait for the transaction to find its way to your bank account. Moreover, you can cover an expense with a simple swipe of your card.

Payday loans can be deposited on a prepaid debit card

Short-term debit loans are approved quickly by prepaid debit cards. The requested funds can be wired to a prepaid debit card. With no checking account, you can get money and spend it on your needs.

Payday loans with SSI debit card also possible to get

Borrowers who get social security payments are eligible for payday funding. It is crucial for the funding company to make sure that you have a stable source of monthly income. If you get a monthly salary or government entitlement check as your only source of income, you have the right to claim one of the payday loans with an SSI debit card.

Short-term loans available for debit card holders

Instant prepaid services with debit card loans are not the only thing you can get as a short-term borrowing. There are some other options to benefit from:

Instant cash loan

Instant can loans are offered as unsecured funds with instant decision. They are transferred within 24 hours. Despite seemingly adequate policies, they have some nuances to be addressed by applicants.

Bad credit score holders can apply for short- or long-term loans. However, having a poor financial background can make it too dangerous for funders to rely on your candidacy. This is why they may conduct some basic credit checks to have a clear understanding of the situation.

Payday loans

Payday loans with debit card serve as a type of payday loan where the requested funds are deposited directly to your debit card. Once the money is transferred, you can use it depending on your needs and preferences. You don't have to spend days waiting for the cash to make its way to your bank balance. Everything can be arranged with a simple swipe of your card.

Personal Loans

A personal loan allows you to take out financial support to cover personal expenses and then cover those funds in a matter of time. Personal loans consist of installments that need to be covered within clearly-stated timeframes. In most cases, the debt is given out for one or two years.

Cash advances

Cash advance on debit card is a service delivered to most credit cards by card issuers. The service allows cardholders to take out the necessary amount of cash, either through an ATM, over the counter at a bank, or through the financial bureau. This can be done up to a particular limit that is determined by a credit card issuer.

Cash advance loan with instant funding to debit card: How to get?

If you are experiencing financial problems, you should consider debit card payday loans from "Instant Cash Advance" as a saving grace. This is your 2nd chance to get financial support with no credit check and little paperwork involved.

Whether you decide to find the funder’s physical location in the “Near me” section or to do everything in an online format, you will have more or less the same steps to take. Here they are:

Check eligibility criteria for instant cash advance to debit card

Before you start filling out an online form, you need to check your eligibility for this type of service. While the eligibility criteria may differ from one funder to another, the major ones remain unchanged:

  • Be over 18 (21 in some states)
  • Be a resident or a citizen of the United States
  • Have stable income
  • Have a personal bank account

Fill out the application form with the correct details for guaranteed approval

Nothing can give you 100% guaranteed approval for debt card loans. Nevertheless, providing correct details in the application form can enhance your chances of keeping the entire process smooth. If you do everything right, you can get well- secured online funds.

Go through the credit check

Funders usually don’t conduct credit checks for debit card loans. But they do take a look at your financial situation. They won’t make sure that you are capable of making timely repayments. After all, you can find a funding company that accepts applicants with poor credit history. With less strict security measures, you can be sure of obtaining the funds you need.

Read through the policies, including a repayment plan

Before you get instant cash advance on your debit card, you should read the agreement provided by the funding company. Pay special attention to the repayment plan and the penalties in case of delayed or missed payments. This will let you avoid possible inconveniences in the future.

Get direct deposit loan to debit card

With everything said and done, you will get money instantly. If you have no bank account, you need to open one. Your debit card will be connected to it.

Alternatives to debit card instant loans

There are good alternatives to loans instant funding to debit card. Some direct lenders offer payday loans without debit cards. Others provide cash-in-hand loans, which might cause serious financial implications of using cash loans.

These forms of debit card cash advance almost always come with extremely high interest rates. Many of them are issued by unregulated funders who will apply aggressive and illegal collection strategies.

There are some other options to improve your financial situation. Let’s check them out!

Peer-to-Peer Funds

Peer-to-peer loans can be requested via online platforms that match potential borrowers with investors willing to issue loans. Peer-to-peer loans usually come with fees based on the percentage of the requested amount of money. Average APRs usually range from 8% to 36%, which is a reasonable offer.

Funds from Family or Friends

If you experience financial difficulties, you can always refer to your parents, relatives, or even friends for help. This way you can get the necessary sum of money with no interest rates and for a long period of time.

If you want, you can put your loan agreement in a written form. This contract will reflect on the amount of money you're borrowing, the interest being charged if any, and the repayment period.

Cash Advance from a Credit Card

A credit card cash advance usually comes up with a lower interest compared to a payday loan. Remember that the APR for a cash advance may be higher than the APR for purchases made on the same credit card. You'll also have to pay back a fee, namely 3% - 5% of the amount borrowed.

Low-Interest Credit Card

Even if credit is a bit unstable right now, you still might apply for a low-interest credit card. To be eligible for it, you will need a good FICO score or a stable source of income to prove your financial capabilities to the funding company.

Nuances of payday loans deposited on prepaid debit card

A prepaid debit card is an alternative banking service that allows you to spend the money you load onto the card. Similar to debit cards, prepaid cards are issued by merchants that accept the specific payment network, such as Visa or Mastercard. They’re more secured than using cash.

If you want to spend more than you have, most prepaid cards simply decline the operation. But you can apply for a $100 approval loan deposited to prepaid debit card. A funder will load a certain amount of money on your card so you can spend them on your needs. To be more specific, here are several nuances to know about payday loans deposited on prepaid debit card:

  • You can access your funds whenever you need them. Once your lender transfers your money to your card, you can use it to shop at online or land-based stores, pay your bills, as well as make a withdrawal at the local ATM.
  • You can adjust your card to other forms of deposits. Most prepaid cards are eligible for direct deposits, providing fast access to your paycheck, tax refund advances, and government benefits.
  • You could earn some benefits with the right card. You need to check the policies offered by prepaid card providers.

Benefits of debit card loans from Instant Cash Advance

Using debit cards for payments means having the ability to fund your purchases online. This digital nature makes using these cards simple and effective, helping you keep track of financial operations. Here are some additional benefits of instant cash loans to debit card holders issued by Instant Cash Advance.

  • Many online funders to choose from – Being offered by most funding companies, debit card loans remain quite popular. This is great news as it can allow you to compare different options and choose the right one for your interesting situation.
  • Quick and simple online application - You don’t have to visit the land-based bureau to apply for a debit card borrowing. You’ll be able to do everything from the comfort of your own home by using your mobile device or a personal computer.
  • Get funds quickly - Depending on the selected funding company, you can get the funds on your debit card straight away. Some funder will deposit the money the same day you apply the same day.
  • Good credit is not a mandatory requirement - If your credit reputation is negative, you still have a chance. Many funders who provide debit card loans online have flexible conditions. Some of them won’t even look at your credit rating if you can prove your employment status and income.


1️⃣ Do you offer loans like speedy cash?

Yes, we do. Instant funding to debit card loans usually takes place within several minutes. Once your application is approved by the funder, the requested money is funded to your debit card straight away.

2️⃣ How to get more than $100 approval loan deposited to prepaid debit card?

Funds deposited to prepaid debit cards usually don’t exceed $100 in value. But you may try to find a funding company that offers higher limits for this type of borrowing. On the web, there are the entire lists of funders with the most attractive offers.

3️⃣ How easy is to borrow debit card cash advance?

All customers of funding companies have chances of getting the necessary funding. Depending on your credit score, size of the requested loan, and internal policies, you will get the final decision from the company. Even if it can’t satisfy your request fully, it may cover it partially.

4️⃣ How to get cash advances without bank account?

It is easier to get cash advance with a bank account. If its’ not the case, you can try one of the alternative options. For example, you can get cash advances on your pre pay debit card, credit card, or SSI card. Some pay advance funding companies may even agree to provide you with cash.

5️⃣ What is a cash advance on a debit card?

When you take cash advance on a debit card, you will get the funds added to your revolving balance. This type of short-term borrowing allows you to borrow money directly from your checking bank account. Once the transaction is completed, you can use your debit card to get a cash loan from a traditional bank ATM.