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Last year more than eight million Americans got a quick cash loan from payday lenders, and thousands for them used Instant Cash Advance to do it. The reasons are simple. Unlike bank, credit card or finance companies which frequently have stricter qualification requirements and may take days to get back to you, many lenders can get your cash to you quickly. But not all loans or lenders are the same. So finding the right company is important. Most people think that because a lender is licensed, their rates, terms and fees are the same. But the truth is, the short-term loan programs can differ substantially.

At Instant Cash Advance, we know that researching the right lender can be overwhelming. We also know that most people don’t consider a cash advance until they’re faced with an emergency, when time is working against them. Don’t let the stress of an unexpected bill foster a bad decision. We’re here to help.

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Obviously, when unexpected financial emergencies arise, most people have options. When compared to other types of lending, though, these types of loans from may be your best alternative. Unlike banks, finance companies and credit card advances, cash advances from us can be yours in minutes by visiting one of our convenient store-front locations or applying over the internet with the convenience and comfort of being at home or at the office. It’s so simple that more than eight million customers obtain a short-term loan to solve a financial dilemma. Thousands of those consumers have turned to Instant Cash Advance!.

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Applying and receiving your money can be arranged at one of our store locations or if you prefer, from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Just click on our easy-form questionnaire, answer a few basic questions about yourself and your employment and in minutes your application will be reviewed by our customer care department. Yes, it’s that simple! You’ll get an answer in minutes.

If you prefer to meet with one of our customer service rep’s in person, stop-by one of our convenient locations. People who experience financial dliemma’s walk into an Instant Cash Advance location everyday, and walk out feeling better via the funds they receive; without any lengthy applications or embarrassing questions to answer. No matter why you need the money, whether in person or on the web, getting help from us is easy.

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No matter what the reason, if you need quick cash, we’re here to help. We’re InstantCashAdvance, is your solution, and we’re only a quick call, click or visit away.